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THE WOMEN'S LIST, Dir. by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders


Join Timothy Greenfield-Sanders & the producers behind his latest film, following the screening of THE WOMEN'S LIST.  Nov. 14, 5.30PM at Symphony Space, NYC

JADE, Dir. by Adam Singer (Australia)

Jade challenges and explores the notion of beauty in a space that is non judgemental allowing the subject to open up to all aspects of herself.

THE LOVES OF AARON BURR, Dir. by Camilla Huey (USA)

The narrative of The Loves of Aaron Burr: Portraits in Corsetry & Binding follows the design process from the workroom to the exhibition of the corset portraits of women in the life of Aaron Burr at the Morris-Jumel Mansion, the very place where many of these women’s stories took place. The film explores biography and personification through the feminine arts of colonial, revolutionary and Federalist New York as told through these ladies’ material culture, fetishes, ephemera, and letters.

Dir. by Elena Semikina (Canada)

Every year women apply to compete in Miss Universe, subjecting themselves to being judged on their looks, dress, poise, and presentation. Through unprecedented access and first-hand accounts, filmmaker and former Miss Universe Canada Elena Semikina takes us beyond the stereotypes and clichés. The constest drew world-headlines after Jenna Talackova was denied the right to compete for not being a 'naturally born female'.  These are women on a mission, not for a prize, but for a voice.

THE MAN BEHIND 55,000 DRESSES, Dir. by Stacey Stone (USA)

A reflection on love, sacrifice and the beauty of ball gowns, this candid documentary short explores the life of collector Paul Brockmann, the man who collected 55,000 dresses.


“The Man Behind 55,000 Dresses” delves into gender streotypes and examines the aftermath of one man’s painful childhood and how that influenced his determination, passion and imagination that has resulted in the Guinness World Records for the “Largest Collection of Clothing Labels.”

MA FEMME EST PASTEURE, Dir. by Victor Costa (Switzerland)

A web comedy series about the adventures of an unusual couple. He, agnostic and rational, trying to get by with the new profession of his wife as a protestant minister. Between burials and aperitifs to the sound of bells, he will try to get a place in a world where he does not control all the codes! It will, in passing, question the practices of his wife.

STARTING FROM NOW, Dir. by Julie Kalceff (Australia)

"Starting From Now" follows the tangled, increasingly complicated lives of its four lesbian protagonists as they struggle to work out who they are, find a place where they belong, and maybe even find love along the way.

THIS IS ONLY TEMPORARY, Dir. by Lindsay Lucas-Bartlett (USA/UK)

Pippa, an aspiring British actress, clumsily works her way into the limelight of Hollywood.


When Jonesie hits a relationship road block and her life takes an unexpected turn, she looks to her two best friends for support. This dramedy follows the lives of three women trying to make it in the entertainment and fashion industry while navigating their way through the harsh and awkward Los Angeles dating scene.

CHUPACABRA, Dir. by Annette Mia Flores & Jenny Joslin

Chupacabra: A mythical animal from the US Southwest, Mexico, and Puerto Rico that sucks the life out of its victims. 

Sisters by adoption travel through the Texas Hill Country to fulfill their father's bizarre last wishes.

DEAR FRIENDS, Dir. by Paulina Dana

One afternoon, six teenage friends gather at a cemetery. They appear to be rambling: they film each other engaging in horseplay and crossed relationships. Talking about death, drinking, chatting about dreams, smoking marijuana, they compare the place with school and avoid issues. Music plays, they’re alive. The place seems familiar. But the seemingly aimless afternoon does have a point.


Mammary Gland Malfunction follows the journey of Corey, a teenage girl with a very “grown-up” problem. As if everyday high school drama was not stressful enough, now her boobs are lactating, and the cause of the phenomenon is proving difficult to determine. Confused, Corey must navigate her way through classes, friends, and the threat of other students discovering her bizarre secret.

MY SISTER'S PHOTO, Dir. by Narges Kharghani (Iran)

A young woman wants to help her sister because of pressing circumstances.


"Unfortunately this movie is my personal experience," Narges Kharghani 



DON'T, Dir. by Fermin Cimadevilla (Spain)

In a succession of shots of almost statuesque stillness, the erotomaniac beauty of English actress Kimberley Tell -an echo of the cold and sharp beauty of Cybill Shepherd- lives dangerously with a haunting death drive that is only a game, but that just happens to be the game that turns this piece into something unique and seductively captivating.

ARROGANT GRACE, Dir. by Alexandra Kirkwood 

Enforcing the concept that beauty in movement transcends social perception of identity, demographic and cultural status, Arrogant Grace explores the fluid interplay between two dynamic worlds. Combining elements of traditional skate cinematography and fashion film, it hightlights the need for democratic representation of fashion in film, emphasizing that fashion is not reserved for any single social class. 

MANNEQUIN, Dir. by Medhi Nowroozi (Canada)

A Mannequin comes to life and follows a rope on a surreal journey. Hedgehogs abound!

MENTIRAS, Dir. by Bell Soto (USA)

A blonde bombshell has to decide in between two lovers.



Join Director Vlad Yudin & the people behind this documentary - with a few surprises for the audience. Nov. 14, 7.15PM at Symphony Space.


Viewers follow the story of Jeremy’s ascent from a small town in Missouri to his current position as the Creative Director of the Italian fashion house Moschino. A favorite among celebrities, Jeremy Scott has become one of the most, if not the most, polarizing figures in the contemporary fashion scene. The film illustrates this predicament with an array of interviews featuring the likes of trendsetters, industry leaders, and celebrities such as A$AP Rocky, Katy Perry, Paris Hilton, Miley Cyrus and Rita Ora.

TAKA, Dir. by Fabrizio Azzellini (Italy)

"TAKA" - from the Latvian language - means the path that must be walked.  Burgeoning from the complexities of nature, TAKA is a bold fashion film that breaks away from traditions of story and place. 


“You need to leave, sometimes you drift, and sometime you get involved. Discover the nature to fulfill the destiny, reach the destination- unknown before the departure."

Mistaking an open window for an invitation, two mischievous girls, (Bailey Noble "True Blood", Emily Mest "The Malibu Tapes") break into Jeweler Tarina Tarantino's downtown showroom. Together, they embark on a fashion-mocking adventure, poking fun at style-obsessed Millenials, bloggers and, of course, at pretentious fashion films. In the end however, their antics come to halt when they attempt to steal a statement necklace. Karma has never been this fun.

VELVET KARMA, Dir. by Alfonso Campos (USA)

Based on a site-specific solo performance, "Desert Widow" features a woman driven into a vast, otherworldly landscape. As she traverses the shifting tableau of desert topography a metaphysical yearning compels the woman to perform a sequence of ritualized actions. Day and night converge, as do land and water, creating a subtle yet dramatic interplay between light, movement, music, silence, and stillness. Through this melding of the pictorial with the performative - death, renewal, and transcendence are explored.

Jil Guyon (USA)



MANIC PIXIE DREAM WIFE, Dir. M. Elizabeth Eller (USA)

A software programmer strives for a simple marriage, but his bride is a free spirit who is determined to turn his life upside down. Desperate, Chance turns to the internet for advice - but as his story unfolds, we start to see things from a whole new perspective: the manic pixie’s. Questions of how they define themselves arise, and it becomes clear that each is playing a number of roles - but to what end?



JULIA, Dir. by Bell Soto (USA)

A woman's struggle to forget a secret from her past




Please check location, schedule & starting times carefully before securing your tickets. Tickets are not refundable. To see full program & schedule click here: SCHEDULE.  For Day Passes at Symphony Space on Nov. 14th, you must call Symphony Space to order on 212.864.5400. Limited Availability of Seats for all sessions. WARNING: Tickets tend to sell out quickly! Some sessions will be filmed for TV and online media. You may be asked to sign releases if you wish to appear on TV. Your ticket purchases help support our programming. To learn more about our mission, click here: ABOUT.  Thank you & we look forward to seeing you!


 How would life be different if everyone LOVED his/her BODY?  What does your BODY want to say to the WORLD?  In this documentary, supermodel Emme sets out on a mission to get answers to these questions:  Would people live their lives differently if they fully accepted and loved their bodies?  How much does shame hold people back from living their dreams?  Emme interviews people from all walks of life and gets answers to these questions. Beyond that, she hears from people of all shapes and sizes about their raw, heartfelt, intense stories around their bodies.  She shares these uncensored stories in this new film in the hopes of shattering barriers that can prevent more joyful, fulfilling lives


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