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Human Trafficking by Kemani Harriot & Ayla Airbright (Civic Life Project) (10 mins.)

Human Trafficking, made by students from Classical Magnet School in Hartford, CT, is the result of a year of research into human trafficking happening in the northeastern U.S. This short documentary reveals surprising stories of human trafficking between CT and New York, and includes interviews with advocates & legislators working to stop it.


Ohana by students from Monument Mountain Regional High School (Civic Life Project) (10 mins.)

An exploration of single parenting made by a group of fives high school girls from Great Barrington, Massachusetts. The film was an opportunity to turn the cameras on friends and family, and showcase the heroics of these moms and dads facing the challenges of raising a child on their own.

      Girls  Film  Festival 

The Girls Film Festival  (GFF) was launched in June 2014 in New York City, with two panel sessions and a screening of films made by girls, followed by talk-backs with the filmmakers. GFF was made possible through a collaboration with LIM College, the Civic Life Project, Reelworks, and Scenarios USA.  



Generation Hollow (Reel Works)

From the Eyes of the Deceived (Reel Works)




KEMANI HARRIOT (Human Trafficking)

Kemani Harriott is a sixteen year old junior at Classical Magnet School in Hartford Connecticut. Since September of 2013, she has been working on a documentary about human trafficking in the state of Connecticut . Kemani has become more passionate about documentary filmmaking and hopes that she can continue working not only on her current one but also making more in her future years. Kemani has said that being part of the Civic Life Project has helped her break out of her shell in school and become more confident in what she does.  Other than the documentary enrichment program, Kemani also enjoys playing the violin, the piano, singing, dancing, and participating in musical theater. 


AYLA ALBRIGHT(Human Trafficking)

Ayla is a Junior at Classical Magent School in Hartford Connecticut.  This project came out of her strong interest in the subject of human trafficking, and her surprise of how common it is even in her own community.  Ayla is involved in many activities at her school, but this documentary has been an opportunity for her to go beyond the confines of her school and use her passion and energy to raise awareness about an important issue.


AANISHAH TAYLOR (Single Parenting)

Aanisah Taylor is a student from Monument Mountain Regional High School in Great Barrington, MA.  This film grew out of her desire to shine a spotlight on her own mother; who raised Aanisah, her younger brother and two older sisters.  Aanisah feels that single parents are heroes and some of the hardest working people in our society.


MORGAN FORMEL (Single Parenting)

Morgan Formel is a student from Great Barrington, MA.  She jumped at the opportunity to work on a documentary on single parenting.  Her parents are divorced and she was able to not just turn the camera on her father, but also turn the camera on herself; and express her own frustrations with, as well as her love for, her parents.


VALERIA SANTOS (Single Parenting)

Valerie is an exchange students from Brazil attending Monument Mountain Regional High School.  This documentary has offered her a unique point of view of American life.  She has enjoyed the opportunity to better understand family life here and how it compares to life at home.  She has enjoyed the filmmaking process and has particularly excelled in editing the film.  The experience and the subject matter has shown her that when it comes to family, whether you are from Brazil or the U.S., we have much more in common than we might think.

Girls Calling the Shots: A Screening of Short Films by Girls

in collaboration with Reel Works, Scenarios USA, and the Civic Life Project

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Supermodels Pat & Anna Cleveland at Mother & Daughter Panel with Dr. Estella

Stacey Schieffelin & Knox McKay with girls

Ayla Albright discusses the motivation behind her film.

Young ladies from Reel Works discuss their work.

Filmmakers from The Civic Project discussing their work at the Girls Film Festival

Fun fashions at the Girls Empowerment Fashion Runway. Photo by Richard Renda / Totally Cool ®

Photo by Richard Renda / Totally Cool ®

Legendary model Pat Cleveland giving confidence tips to girls at WFF's Girls Empowerment Fashion Runway

Dance performance at the Girls Empowerment Fashion Runway. Photo by Isadora Bravo.

Panel at GEFR

GEFR featured in The Examiner.

WFF thanks all the great contributors who helped make GEFR happen!

WFF concluded with the Girls Empowerment Fashion Runway (GEFR), a fashion show sponsored by TRUE Model Management and Runway The Real Way. The event showcased a live fashion show featuring designs by students of the United Colors of Fashion (UCOF Academy) and various NYC colleges as well as outfits from Best Dressed NY. DJ Marcus spun music for a Girls Dance Party after the show. Students from LIM College styled the show. Backstage workshops were held by: The Luminous Foundation, Karen Lee Group, Model Moves/iModelSchool, Divine Life Styles, Be Your Best Health, Gerardo Porteny Backal, Admittedly & more. Photos by Sandro M. Moran, Isadora Bravo, Never Forgotten Photography & Richard Renda / Totally Cool ®

Girls Empowerment Fashion Runway Show
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